Amara City Gardens Booragoon h1

Viewing Amara, City Gardens Apartments

Amara is an active construction site and therefore strict safety rules apply to all access. Whilst we will endeavour to provide access to all there are significant limits on non-construction workers accessing the site.

In particular,  you should keep in mind the following:

The number of visitors that can access the building at one time is limited as you must be accompanied by site inducted personnel. If there are a significant number of attendees, then people will be divided into to small groups with only one group at a time able to access the building. We strongly encourage pre-registration to assist us in managing numbers.

All people accessing the site must wear protective equipment. Iris will provide hard-hats and high-vis vests but you must wear enclosed flat soled shoes.

Children (under the age of 18) are not permitted on-site.

The areas of the site accessible at any time is limited and we only have access to a select number of apartments. There is no access to apartments that have already been sold during these viewings (other arrangements can be made for valuer and pre-settlement inspections please refer to the selling agent and strata website). If you have a particular unsold type of apartment you wish to see please register as early as possible so that there is an opportunity to plan access.

Please note, that there is an approximate 300m walk between the sales suite and the apartments, there are stairs and uneven ground to navigate through. Due to the limited number of visitors for safety reasons, we warmly discourage previous purchasers from attending, our agents only have access to unsold apartments. Attendees must register prior to arrival by contacting an agent.